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About Us

Appliance Repair Newmarket provides quality domestic repair and installation services. Broken kitchen and laundry appliances are in our field of expertise. If you have noticed any issues with your refrigerator or washing machine, contact us right away. One of our appliance service technicians will be at your doorstep in a short notice to give you a free quote for all your appliance-related needs. We provide services throughout the Newmarket region in Ontario.

Appliance repair is our specializatAbout Usion

There are many factors that can affect the operation of your home appliances. When it comes to damaged electric/gas appliances, it can be quite dangerous. Once our appliance technicians check the faulty unit, it usually becomes clear that the issue started long before. Much earlier than a homeowner got in touch with our team. If you call a home appliance repair company right away, the repair cost can be much lesser. We always remind our clients not to wait until it’s too late and schedule appliance service on time. So, don’t wait until your costly freezer or dishwasher completely stops operating and contact us today. We will arrive, inspect the unit and fix the issue on the spot. Besides saving money, you won’t put yourself and your family members at risk.

We offer prompt and efficient repairs

Since we have all necessary spare parts on hand, we can fix broken appliance in one go. Our technicians have the expertise and knowledge to handle all types of appliance repair. Our team of repair experts keeps up with the latest technological advances and repair techniques. We use the newest tools to perform safe and timely appliance repair service.

Properly working household appliances are one of the aspects of stress-free daily chores. If there are any problems with your stove or dryer, call Newmarket Appliance Repair. Our technicians will restore the smooth run of your unit within a short time!