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Leaking washing machine? Problematic oven? Whether you deal with appliance trouble in the kitchen or laundry room, give us a call. We provide same day appliances service in Newmarket, Ontario. Our pros come equipped to fix units effectively and on the spot. That’s why each one of our trucks at Appliance Repair Newmarket is well equipped with a variety of tools, diagnostic equipment, and spares. Let us gain you some free time and less hassle by fixing problematic appliances today. Our services also include the installation of new units but also their routine inspection.Appliances Service Newmarket

Rely on our quick appliance repair work

We use high quality appliance repair components in order to replace any broken or worn part. And that’s what is usually needed when appliances fail to work right or not at all. Without heating elements, the oven doesn’t work. If fridge coils break, the refrigerant won’t find its way in the unit. With the dryer tubes clogged with lint, the appliance won’t dry well. There is always a solution to each and every appliance problem. And we’ll be happy to help you out. Each appliance technician on our team in Newmarket is experienced, certified, and up to date trained.

Call for routine home appliance service

And the great qualifications of our appliance service technicians ensure that the job will be performed with respect to your units and effectively. Clients can turn to our team when there is an urgent issue with any kitchen appliance or the washer & dryer – whether they are gas or electric units. But you can also count on our installation expertise and the effective appliance service we provide annually. Let us help you keep your units energy efficient and functional. With our routine work, we also keep hazards away from your house. But you can always count on us when there is a problem with your electric dryer or gas oven. Our techs will be there for any urgent home appliance service.

Don’t go through hassles and trouble with your home units when you can trust Newmarket appliances service to us. We offer affordable solutions in a timely manner. Call us.