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Dryer Repair

When your dryer gets hot out of the ordinary, call us. If your clothes don’t dry well, smell funny and feel hot after the cycle, ask our assistance. We offer emergency same day dryer repair in Newmarket, ON. There are always numerous spare parts and tools in our service trucks to ensure the appliance is fixed properly. All technicians at our Appliance Repair in Newmarket have expert know how of how to troubleshoot and fix these special appliances. Although not all dryer problems can endanger your safety, some do. Don’t take risks. Call us the minute you feel something is not right with this appliance.Dryer Repair Newmarket

For safety reasons, count on our dryer installation expertise too. At our company, our team can help you with anything related to your home dryer. From routine service and inspections to parts replacements, new appliance installation and repairs, we are the technicians to rely on.

Want emergency dryer repair in Newmarket? Call us

We offer quick response Newmarket dryer repair services. Our team makes the right preparations so that all technicians will be ready to respond quickly when clients need assistance with their dryer. They might be the most convenient household appliances, especially during the cold winters in Ontario, but they can also put your safety at risk if lint is built-up and the appliance is clogged. Dryers need air in order to dry clothing. When air flows from outside, the appliance heats it up and eventually releases it back outside through its tubes and ducts. If these tubes are clogged with lint, dryers get overheated and become dangerous. That’s why we provide fast dryer repair.

Expert dryer installation by our company

Our experts can fix any dryer brand and type. Do you have an all-in-one unit and need washer and dryer repair? We respond equally fast. One more thing you can also do to avoid dangers and problems is to set up an appointment with our team annually for regular dryer service. We take care of trapped lint and any other problem with the dryer and keep it working safely for a long time. During the installation of a new dryer, our technicians keep distances from nearby walls and other furniture and make the connections right. Our company covers both electric and gas dryer needs in Newmarket. So don’t be reluctant to call us.