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We specialize in household appliances and can help you with any problem. Our company offers rapid home appliances repair in Newmarket, Ontario. Whether you have trouble in the kitchen or laundry room, ask our help. There are expert pros in our team to take care of any major household appliance in Newmarket. And you can rest assured that we service both gas and electric appliances. What we also provide is maintenance. Why not service your appliances regularly to gain peace of mind? At Appliance Repair Newmarket, we have you fully covered as far as your service needs are concerned.Home Appliances Repair Newmarket

Contact us now for quick appliance repair

Leaking fridge, washing machine, or dishwasher? When you are suddenly faced with such urgent problems, give us a call. Our appliance technician will take care of the leaking unit in a jiffy. With special diagnostic equipment, long experience, and great troubleshooting, our techs find the problem which led to the leak. We carry spares to fit to all brands and so we replace the defected and broken parts in no time.

But you can count on the fast response of our appliance service technician no matter what the nature of the problem is. Is your oven or stove not heating up? The microwave won’t turn on? The fridge won’t close well? From fridge, oven, and dishwasher problems to dryer and washer related issues, count on our quick help and expert appliance repair service.

Our appliance technician can maintain your home units

Is it long since you last maintained your refrigerator? Do you want to check the condition of your dryer? Schedule appliance service with us. Our intention during maintenance is to service well your appliances so that no trouble will ever stop you from cooking or cleaning. And we can prevent fridge trouble, which might have terrible consequences to your wallet and health. Do you know how fast food decays when it is not refrigerated properly? Do you know how much energy you lose when the fridge doesn’t shut well or the oven door seal is torn?

Let us fix problems! If you need Newmarket home appliances repair, call us today.